on the election process." - First Citizen Read More » be deconstructed to end the political class stranglehold "It's imperative that the dysfunctional Party duopoly Election Reform Read More » Are you an ameriCAN? "ameriCAN's believe in climate change, TOTAL climate change, in DC!" - First Citizen remind an out of control government that the citizenry does have the final say." - First Citizen Read More » "Make no mistake, the 2nd Amendment is in place to 2nd Amendment Rights " ... the current political machine is an out-of-touch their future while painting an illusion Read More » National Debt political class debasing the citizenry by mortgaging of prosperity." - First Citizen " ... the decades-long invasion has unarguably made worthless." - First Citizen Read More » Immigration Policy United States citizenship worth less, but to many,
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